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EN Mac note edited 6/19/2015, saved with wifi sync, edits cannot be found

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EN Mac App - existing note edited and wifi sync. several hours later lookup EN iPhone and the edits are not there. Not on EN web or trash. Submitted trouble tickets with no response. Paid for PLUS, no response, replied to my email trouble tickets, no response. I read if I upgraded I would see conflicts in trash. But nothing is there for that date. Any help is appreciated. RR

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IF your EN Mac app appears to sync OK (no errors reported), and you don't see the Notes on other devices, the most likely cause if that you are signed in with different EN account email on the different devices.  So, double-check this first.  Also,  Check the EN Mac Activity Log for errors.


You can also enter a Note, or make changes, using the EN Web client, save/sync, and sync your EN Mac client to see if they appear there.


Also, please let us know what versions of EN Mac and Mac OS you are running.

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What is strange is the edits do not appear anywhere, nor even on the Mac App. It is as if they were not edited. This is the first issue I have had since 2009 when I started. ALL Notes since then are syncing fine and no reported errors. I do not have any other sign in credentials at all. Mac Version 6.0.13 (451658 App Store) Yosemite 10.10.3. iPhone version with iOS 8.3 and running EN Watch but not really using it yet. 


I have made new notes and note edits/changes since then with no problems. 

I see no anomalies in the log file for that date. 


Thank you. 

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If I understand you correctly, the only issue is with old Notes, not new ones recently created.
If this is correct, you might try copying these old notes with one of these methods:
  1. Copy Note to Notebook
  2. Create a new blank Note, then copy/paste from old
  3. Export old Notes to ENEX file(s), the import back in (will create new notes)

I listed these in order of ease of action, so you might try one or two Notes as a test to see which process you will need to use.


Finally, you should find an update to EN Mac, Ver 6.0.14, in the Mac AppStore.

Or you can switch to the Direct DL version 6.0.15 (my recommendation).

While I prefer the Direct DL ver, either ver is better than 6.0.13 (which has a number of bugs).

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  1. I performed all the above recommendations. 
  2. Updated DL - Version 6.0.15 (451806 Direct)
  3. Nothing recovered and nothing in the Trash folder

It is actually only one note with an issue that was edited on 6/19/2015-Friday. 


Anything else to try . . . it appears the edits may be gone?

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Anything else to try . . . it appears the edits may be gone?


I don't know if it is worth it to you, but if you upgrade to a Premium account ($5 for 1 month) you will have access to Note History.

This provides a version of each Note about every 8 hrs.


Since you never saw your updates in a sync'd account, I doubt that Note History will help.  But there's always the chance . . .  ;)


Good luck.

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