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Audio Playback Cancelled by Edits and Randomly!


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A long-standing frustration I have with Evernote is that audio playback is interrupted when I edit the note. This affects my basic work flow which is:

  1. Record audio-notes with my cell phone while on the go, sometimes while driving or running. Don't enter any text.
  2. When I'm at my desktop tag, title and maybe write up some of what I said so I can later use search or my tag organization scheme.

This seems like a very basic work flow. But when I listen to the recording and start tagging and titling the note, the audio shuts off and returns to the beginning. It doesn't even pause and remember my place. The audio playback feature is also pretty primitive when it comes to finding my place again in the audio. I can't step back 15 seconds at a time, and moving to a specific point is very difficult. The response to mouse movement is just terrible.


I've had this frustration for over 4 years now. I'm really surprised it hasn't been addressed. (I've mentioned it before in these forums.)


But now it's gotten worse! Now the playback get's cancelled spontaneously. At first I thought it might be due to periodic syncing, but a basic test didn't show any consistent pattern. This is very frustrating.

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Hi.  Evernote don't talk about their development plans,  as you'll know if you've been around here for a while;  don't know whether or where better transcription controls are on the route plans,  but there are apps out there that do far better in both recording and playing back for that purpose. You could use an app (not necessarily the same one) at both 'ends' of your process - on the phone to create your file,  and on the desktop to play it back,  linking both of them by attaching the file generated on your phone to an Evernote note,  and playing it back from there in a third-party app.  Evernote isn't going to improve overnight,  but you could implement something along those lines that quickly to resolve all your issues.

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