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Problem using 'Send PDF to Evernote' option

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Hi, I am trying to 'print' emails as a PDF and send to Evernote as a way of archiving old emails.


In Mac Mail, I select the emails I want and try to Print.  When the Print dialog comes up I select the option to 'send PDF to Evernote'.


It has worked a few times for emails I selected but for one set of emails I select it just 'hangs' - the Print dialog comes up but when I select 'send PDF to Evernote' it does not do anything.  In the Mail App the dialog box telling me it is processing the emails is still there (normally this disappears when the Print dialog comes up).


Even if I try to cancel or select another print option e.g. print to PDF, nothing happens.  The option to Quit Mail is also greyed out.  I have waited a long time hoping it was just very slow but nothing happens even if I leave it for over an hour.


The only way out seems to be to 'Force Quit' Mail.


Has anyone else experienced a similar problem? and know of a fix?


I am using the 6.0.13 version of Evernote, running on latest version of OS X 10.10.3


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