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Problem: Screen flicker when scrolling in Evernote

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Hello. I have just started experiencing a screen flicker or lag when scrolling in Evernote.


- On a MacBook Pro (Retina, 13-inch, Late 2012). 

- I am running Version 6.0.13 (451655 Direct) and am a premium member. 


Very annoying. No other application does this. I would be grateful if anyone had intel on this. Thanks. 

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I haven't seen this on my Macs, nor have I seen it reported elsewhere.


Have you tried a restart of your Mac?

What Mac OS are you running?

What has changed on your Mac since Evernote was last running properly?


Keep on the lookout for an update to EN Mac DDL -- Ver 6.0.15.

Should be any day now -- Ver 6.0.14 AppStore was just released.

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