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Feature Request: Synchronizing File Attachments

Carl Witt


I recently started organizing my files within notes. I found it to be a good way to 1) create a backup in the cloud, 2) attach additional information to them. When using dropbox for the same task, I often find myself forced to put all the metadata into the filename, e.g. how and why and under which circumstances was an attached image created.

Now, whats missing is the synchronization that dropbox offers. It probably wouldn't have to be that convenient. Maybe a simple "update attachment" button would do the job. It could check for the location from where the file was originally added to the note and whether the file was updated. If so, it replaces the attachment with the newer version. 


What do you think?


Best regards,


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Hi.  Anything -specifically in this case a file- that goes into an Evernote note is a complete working copy of that file.  As long as you backup Evernote somehow you don't need another backup copy of the same file.  In some cases that can lead to dangerous confusion with the version outside Evernote being updated while the Note version is not.  You can open the file attached to the note in whatever native application is required to edit the content,  and save the amended version back into Evernote.  Why keep other copies?


However if you have large files - like image files - and edit them frequently you would need to beware the maximum note size for your account type - https://evernote.com/contact/support/kb/#!/article/23258452


You would require a Premium account because of the note size and lack of a monthly upload limit.  Some users have experienced performance hazards with very large databases.


Alternatively,  if you are happy with Dropbox,  there's no reason to keep a file in Evernote at all.  Why not just keep a direct link to the Dropbox file plus any additional changelog / content information you might wish to retain in an EN Note?  You can find the link to the file easily and perform sorts and searches in Evernote,  but still have full access to the file,  which is also protected by Dropbox's file history feature.

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Thanks for the feedback, that's a very good point. I think the dropbox link idea solves my feature request.


Regarding general files, I found it convenient to attach them to notes because it doesn't force me to devise a permanent directory structure. This way I get the full flexibility of notes to organize my files. I just add them to the topic I'm working on and clear them off my desktop to get my mind free, without searching a place in the file system for them.

But you're right, I would have to think about a directory structure if I were to sync them with my disk in the suggested way. So in this case, the dropbox link is a perfectly valid alternative.



Regarding images, the dropbox solution is not the best way, since I want to have them embedded in the note to be able to look at them directly when reading. It is, however, usually unnecessary for me to update them.

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