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Request: Auto Update of Note Link Text (I wish ...)



Just a short wish for a future release of Evernote for the Mac.... If you update a note link it would be nice if that change was reflected where the note link was posted. 


For example: I use Evernote for my genealogy research. I have created Fact Sheets for my ancestors. I have my own naming method that I put in the title of a new note and that contains a birth year which in this case was wrong for several notes. I created a Fact Sheet for a Joseph Nash b 1787 but I created his notes with the wrong birth year in the title... Undiscovered until I created LOTS of them. So now (my OCD plays a part in this, lol) I have to go back to the CORRECTED note (with the correct birth year), copy (again) and paste in my Joseph Nash Fact Sheet and delete the wrong note link. 


So my request is for a way for note links to update the title. If this can already be done and I am not doing something that I should, let me know. Thinking out loud-would a Table of Contents work better for this? Do the note links update on the Table of Contents?

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The problem here is that when one creates a hyperlink (which is what a Note Link is), there are two parts:

  1. The URL that points to the target note/page
  2. Descriptive text that can be chosen by the user

Although initially the link may use the Title of the target, the user may want something different.

So, everyone might not want their link text changed just because the target page/note title changed.


To fix/change the Note link text, you don't have to recreate and recopy the link to the Note.


You can simply change the text in the link, by placing your cursor at the beginning or end of the link, and then move the cursor using the arrow keys to the place you want to make the change.  Use the DELETE key as normal to remove characters, and type as normal to add characters to the link text.


BTW, it would help other readers (maybe even you in the future) if you could make the Title of this topic/thread be more descriptive, something like "Request: Auto Update of Note Link Text"

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I use Evernote for storage of some raw family data, but I shudder to think about the difficulty of developing a full blown genealogy system using Evernote. Such as the issues of linking children and grandchildren to the correct lineage when their parents have gone through divorces and remarriages. Or determining relationships. Or exporting the data in a universal format for sharing with other genealogy programs.


When I consider the amount of time I have spent on tracking family data over the years, I am a firm believer of using software designed for the task. The current genealogy programs are powerful and flexible. They are inexpensive - some are free.

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All good points everyone! I will make my titles more descriptive in the future. And jbenson I do use genealogy software for inputting names and such but I like being able to scan in my piles and piles of paper from the good 'ol days of research, tag them and review them first. I use Reunion as my genealogy program. 

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