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Safari extension doesn't clip github pages



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I have the same problem ever since I updated my Macbook pro to Yosemite, I also am up to date on Safari. The web clipper does not work when using Safari which is the  browser that i always use. Even being a paying member of Evernote, they have Not assisted me with this problem!


I am very disappointed with Evernote.

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The Safari web clipper is now working on my computer!

My problem was that it looked like I updated the Safari web clipper, but it would Not work! When I discussed this with Evernote, they suggested that my problem was with extensions.


Read my email to Evernote support person, if you are having problems.


Dominic, thank you, I have resolved the issue! I was able to call Apple and they told me that I did not have any Extensions in Safari, except Evernote Web clipper. I am giving you the instructions on how a Mac user is to find their Extensions. This is something everyone should know when telling a Mac user to remove their extensions.

go to Safari browser ( Safari was up to date) Also I was up to date on my Macbook pro, using Yosemite)
at the top left of screen, click on the word Safari
you will see a dropdown menu, then click on Preferences
you will see a box with a choice of areas in the computer, for ex. General, Tabs, Autofill, Passwords, Search…Extensions
click on Extensions
you will see another box with your Extensions listed, there is also and on and off switch
My computer showed the switch on, on the left side of screen showed my One Extension Evernote Web Clipper
On the right of the screen it said Evernote Web Clipper 6.5.1, the box was checked for Enable Evernote Web clipper.
Well for weeks, I have been Uninstalling & reinstalling for to no avail. All because I needed of an understanding of Extensions.
Today, I thought about how my husband has his own half of our computer, he has his own login, his own browsers, receives his own mail, his own bookmarks, … Well, I thought about that and decided to check out It turned out. He had two Extensions, under Safari Preferences, Extensions. I removed them his restarted his half of the computer, logged out.
I then restarted my side of the computer, removed Safari Evernote Web Clipper, restarted the computer, and then re-installed the Safari WC, then restarted the computer, and now it WORKS. Thanks.
Please do me a Favor and give these instructions to your Supervisor so that you can help Mac Users! Tell him Mac users are being given the short end of the stick, when no one knows how to explain more to us regarding Extensions. Tell the Supervisor, that if you have a product, that Mac users are paying for, then Technicians need to be more educated on the dynamics of the workings of a MacBook. My computer is not old ( 3 years) and it is about time Evernote came to terms that Mac users are part of the technology world, too!
Thanks Dominic for being persistent, with your instructions! Luckily I still had some time left on my Subscription with Applecare, otherwise it would have been more difficult to find out this answer. I appreciate your efforts!
PS I have had a problem with the Safari Web clipper, since I updated to Yosemite and that was 2 months ago,no one could help me then, no one knew what to do and I am a Premium user.
Good luck everyone.
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Since I am a programmer, not being able to grab github pages easily and effectively has been a big pain.


My best solutions are:


A. When ever possible, use my iPad to get a github page.

It only lets me get the whole page but it gets the html with images ok and lets me pick a notebook and change the title.


B. When on my iMac or MacBook, use the Share button on the Safari browser. 

It only gets the full page but it gets the html with images often broken. It always puts it in the default notebook thus forcing me to move it later with the app


Neither of the above allow adding tags


C. On Mac, use Firefox web clipper. Will capture html with broken images but allows specifying notebook and tags


On the Macs, the web clipper extension button never works for me no matter how many times I click it on Safari.

Dragging the page to Evernote or using the Developer menu to open the page in Evernote always result in a funky .rtf version of the page that  is hard to read

Chrome web clipper button on the Mac gets the page but it is again a funky .rtf version.


I am using the latest versions of OS X, iOS, Evernote, and WebClipper as of this date.

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