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Changing Email Address

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Thanks in advance for any help you all can give me! 


I had two EN accounts, one with my personal email, and one for my business. I never used my personal email account and so deactivated it. Now I need to change the business accounts email address to my personal email, as I no longer work at the business whose email account that belongs to, and will shortly loose access to it. This seems like a back end issue, where someone at EN needs to release my personal email to be able to be used but incase I am missing something I am hoping someone will have an idea. Thanks. 


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You need three email addresses for this trick,  since Evernote always has two addresses 'registered' to their respective accounts,  and they can't be used anywhere else until that account address has been changed.  Get a temporary email address from Google or Yahoo if necessary to complete the process.

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