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Business Card from Image

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Hi all,


I have previously scaned a copy of my business cards in to jpeg file. Is there any way i can import these pictures into Evernote Business Card, with the format looking like those from Evernote's card camera.


Also, for android, is there anyway to scan the back side of a double-sided business card?



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Hi.  Business cards that were already JPEG'd would have to be scanned again with a phone to update the content to the same format.  Evernote does not seem to have caught up with two-sided business cards yet - I'm torn between scanning the 'other' side as a separate scan and merging the two,  or scanning the wrong side and then updating the name and contact details manually.

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there's a derivative way of doing this, thanks to the Multiplatform capability of Evernote.

Simply attach the image to an Evernote "note."

Go to a computer and display the image of the business card

Snap the image from your Evernote app, should do at least partial character recognition.


Good luck.

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56 minutes ago, 730Palm said:

there's a derivative way of doing this

I keep on meaning to try this with the business card camera to see whether it will look up LinkedIn contacts and add details to my phone.  Just adding the picture of a card to a note skips some of the benefits of the card scan process.

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