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I want to use evernote to create an RPG world. In a real world there are objects. Objects have a number of characteristics that are made up of other objects. For instance a wizard is a person object, item is an item object, spells are spell objects and quests that he completes are a quest object. To organize all these different objects requires a logical file system. For the item object I would create an ITEM notbook. I would like to nest in that item notbook: ARMOR, CLOTHING, EQUIPMENT, WEAPONS, TREASURE and TOOLS. Then in the ARMOR notebook I would like to have the notebooks: LEATHER, STUDDED, SCALE, CHAIN and PLATE. By having this ability to organize in such a way, I would be able to store and find items, people, spells, quests, etc. easily. Is there a simple way to accomplish this or am i going to have to program this myself on my website and call it CLEVERNOTE?


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I like to think that Rpg creators are some king of system builder, architect and designer, right ? But we never design from nothing, we have to build on existing thing. Physical laws or graphic conventions as well as software features. We have to bend the existing things in a way to fit our needs. But before, you have to know what exists and what not.


You can imagine an EN information system for what you want to do, but you'll have to give up the idea that notebooks are classic folders, and tags are only tags. Sub-notebooks don't exist but nested tags do. And the search grammar allow powerfull filtering in a simple way. With a well designed system, search engine is even more efficient that point & click organisation.


I'm always an a casual rpg gamer and if I don't even build worlds anymore, if  i'd have to, I could easyly imagine a information system with the existing feature of EN. But maybe you'll be more comfortable with a traditionnal tree-like organisation, with a wiki.

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To organize all these different objects requires a logical file system.




Notebook concept:


1.) Evernote does not support hierarchical multi-level notebooks.

2.) Evernote maximum limit for notebooks is 100,000

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