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Evernote vs Yandex Disk


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Hello forum!


Asking this due to lack of answers on the support board. What is the main technical difference between these two services? Yandex disk has an ability to create special synchronized folder which automatically uploads any file which put in there to the cloud. Does such option exists in Evernote or this can be available only via client app?

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In Windows,  if you create an Import Folder - Evernote > Tools > Import Folder - any files dropped there will be imported into an (optional) specified notebook in an installed Evernote client and then synced to Evernote's servers,  and to any other devices connected to that account.

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I don't know Yandex but what you describe make me think at a traditionnal cloud storage like Dropbox, Box, gDrive, oneDrive... all of them allow to have synchronized folders.

EN store content in the cloud but is not really a storage for me. EN allow to organise information mainly to use it (even if this info could be archived).

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