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Table notes keep disappearing...


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Something is seriously wrong with Evernote on windows.  I have had notes with tables in them just disappear 3 times now. I know i didnt delete them, and i know that they synced at some point, because after the first time it happened, i made sure to hit sync after any changes to the table to make sure it was saved (and yes, im positive i had internet connection). 


how can anyone trust using this program, when you never know if your info will disappear?  What if i make changes to a note, and go back and the changes are gone?  A month down the road and i wouldnt notice the changes are missing.  Evernote seems to be getting worse instead of better in the last year, and i think it may be time to move on to a better program thats reliable.  If that ends up being a word document, so be it. 



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I agree this is unacceptable.


You may want to submit an official bug report (see below) so Evernote has all the details of your specific environment.

The more users who submit the same bug  report the more likely it will be fixed sooner rather than later.


Meanwhile, if you might check the EN Trash (located at the end of the NB list) to see if your notes are there.


Submit a BUG report via an EN Support Ticket. In the Support Form, select "Report a bug", and start the Ticket Title with "BUG:  " to make it clear.  Reporting a bug should be available to all users, including Free Account owners.  Other Ticket types available to Free users are "Data Loss", "Crash", & "Sync Issue".

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You might see if you can find the notes on the web version or do  a search for text within the note. 


Also, not saying it is your case, but I thought I had lost some notes once until I realized I had created the the copy note process keeping the creation date the same.  So the notes weren't at the top of my list based upon creation date.  Specific search found them.

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