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Emailing meeting notes

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I like using Evernote for meeting notes and want to send them to attendees immediately after a meeting. The majority of my colleagues, however, do not have Evernote. Will they be able to view my notes in their email or in a Word document? Thanks!

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While you can send an email directly from Evernote, IMO, the best approach is to copy all of the content of your meeting Note, and paste it into a normal email (like gmail or Outlook).

  • Allows you to use your email address book (contacts)
  • Creates a record (Sent Mail folder)
  • Provides notice if the email can't be delivered.
  • Works for everybody

If you do this a lot, you could even create a keyboard macro (like from AutoHotKey (Win) or Keyboard Maestro (Mac)) to automate this process.  This could include a time stamp at the top/bottom of your Note recording when it was sent.

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