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unable auto sync & auto download attachments on android

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I just sign up my premium acct


May I ask


Everytime I create a note on my Macbook evernote and it auto sync onto Andriod Tablet.

But its just the title only


I have to physically click on every titles on the Andriod to have the file download into my Android


Imagine I created few hundreds files. I would have to manually click on hundreds of titles on the android to download the notes into my android.


Worst is if theres afew attachment pdf files within a Note.

I would have to click on everyone of them


Can any one pls advice me , what should I do to have everything auto sync auto download into my android??


Pls help



Morgan Oh

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Hi.  Your Android will have much less memory storage space than your Mac,  and there's no permanent storage like a hard drive.  So your android won't normally download your notes unless and until you search for them.  It will store note headers and an index to allow you to do that.  If you wish notes in a particular notebook to be available from the device itself,  look up 'offline searchable' - https://evernote.com/contact/support/kb/#!/article/23260131


It's best to have one notebook on your mobile set to offline storage,  and to rotate notes into and out of that notebook as you need access.  Your mobile will need a long sync to download all the information in your notes before they can be available.

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