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Thubnails thumbnails thumbnails! Please Thumbnails

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Hi im a new user of evernote premium. on the whole evernote seems a great tool but it is missing some important things that for me would make it great. i am an Animation artist/ Illustrator so use of evernote for image reference links is of greatest importance to me.

I do everything visualy. i remember what is contained in a note by a thumbnail image not by bewildering snipets of text which look much the same as any other note. i have searched the forums and found that thumbnail usability is an issue discussed a number of times dating back years, and I wish to raise the topic again in hopes it sparks a noticable debate because it to me is the most important need for a note reference tool.


1. i need the option to choose the  thumbnails for my notes.


2. Android has a bug that stops thumnails generating on many notes that work on the desktop versions ie windows this also seems to happen on the web app too



lesser features i hope for


3. i would like to see bigger thumbs or ability to chose the default size for me


4 i want the option to have no text in the card. ie it switch off with out having to delete text in the note.


5. Abillity to chose the positioning of the thumbnail


I have found longwinded work arounds to chose a thumb nail by making altering the image in third party app so it is the one with the bigest shortest length. all so that the alogorithm (goodness knows why it is set up like this) picks it. but i cant solve my android app isssue. If i could just chose the image it would be so much moore productive.


It really would be great if somthing that has been asked for since 2011 could finaly be sorted. Can anyone who rely on thumbnails to identify a note help to debate and push this so that we can finaly get the full usefulness out of evernote, for us visuals. bigger the fuss we make may help it get noticed i will be sugesting it to evernote admin the more of us that do fingers crossed



 I am betting that anyone that is a creative ie designers, artists, illustrators, chefs, dressmakers, crafters, architects, set designers, producers etc etc needs this. we are not all accidemicly minded where written note snipets may suffice.


ps if anyone has found good workarounds it would be great to hear them.


thanks all!



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Hi.  You make a good case - thanks!  Agreed this has been around for a long time.  Maybe one day...


Meantime I don't know whether anyone has suggested this work-around:  note links allow you to set up a Table of Contents note from which you can jump directly to other notes.  There's a built-in feature which will do this with note titles.  Since images are important to you,  try jumping from a TOC to a note and copying the most important picture,  then back to the TOC note to paste the picture - resized if necessary - alongside the link. 


Copy the link address and change the picture into a hyperlink,  and you don't need the extra text.


You could create a scrapbook style layout of pictures with additional headings/ notes/ comments.


Of course,  being able to select one picture as the thumbnail would save an awful lot of work...

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I, too, would love to be able to choose which thumbnail to use.


I use Evernote for my recipe collection, and often I have two-page scans, one of which has the photo of the dish and the second which is just text. They're both the same size, but apparently Evernote always picks the second one...so I don't get the image as a thumbnail, but I get text. Or when I send online recipes to Evernote, if they have multiple pictures, inevitably Evernote picks the one that shows the multi-step of beating eggs instead of the final cake.


I mean really, which is better?



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