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Choosing what to sync, and what not to

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I use evernote to scan all of my receipts with the Evernote scanner for tax purposes.  Currently, they all sync on to my IPad - which has seriously constipated the memory.  I want them on evernote on my Windows machine, but I do not want them to sync to my IPad.  How do I set what syncs and what doesn't?

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Unless you store these Notes in a "Offline" Notebook on your iPad, Evernote should use only a very small amount of storage on your iPad.  The normal, default, setup on the iPad is to store only header metadata (Title, Tags, Dates, etc) and indexes.  The actual Note contents (and attachments) are NOT stored on the iPad, except for the most recent Notes that you have viewed.


If you don't want even the header info of these Notes on your iPad, then you can put these Notes in a "Local Notebook" on your PC or Mac.  Local Notebooks are never sync'd, by design.

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I synced my iPad and my (old 2MG) Android phone.  EN is seriously diminishing  my phone performance, even though it is meta-data only.  I have large files.  I could solve the problem by syncing only 3 notebooks instead of all 25 on my iPad. How do I do that without losing the contents of those 3 important notebooks from my iPad?  As you know, iPads do not have a "right click".  Alternately, how can I delete notebooks from my Android phone that were created on my iPad without deleting those same notebooks on the iPad?

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