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[solved] - Trouble with space in query terms with ENScript.exe


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What is the correct syntax if there is space in the query ?

start C:\Users\...\ENScript.exe showNotes /q tag:"tag test"
start C:\Users\...\ENScript.exe showNotes /q "tag:tag test"
Don't work :/

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Actually it's for notebook query (for backup local notebook) , but issue is the same; and yes, I already replace space by an underscore ;) it works ; but I'd like to know if I'm doing it wrong or if it's a bug.

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It may be a bug - I did the search in Evernote and tag:"tag test" is the right format to find a tag with a space,  but your experience suggests that ENscript might not be using it correctly...

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The quotes of the search query must be escaped with a backslash. And both syntax work.


start  C:\Users\...\ENScript.exe showNotes /q notebook:"\"100. Local\""

start  C:\Users\...\ENScript.exe showNotes /q "notebook:\"100. Local\""

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