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Can't see list of notes in mac





I can't see my list of notes anymore - it's a very minimal screen and impossible to look through my notes. I can search for a file but even then, if there's three results, it will only show me the one at the top.


A complete nightmare to use now - if there isn't a quick work around, I'm giving up on Evernote!

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@Scott:  I think CMD-OPT-S shows/hides the Left Side Panel, and has no effect on the Note list.


If the user has selected some other view (like Tags or Notebooks), then CMD-OPT-1 will show the Note list.

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 I almost only ever navigate between notebooks using the sidebar 


I used to use that approach, until I rediscovered the powerful "Jump to Notebook" (CMD-J) and "Jump to Tag(s)" (SHIFT-CMD-J) view options.  Both show a popup, incremental search box to find and select the Notebook or Tag.


This allows me to mostly keep the Sidebar hidden, and use the space for my Notes.

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