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Evernote Clipper Not Working in Outlook 2010

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I've used the Evernote clipper in Outlook 2010 forever.  Suddenly it disappeared and the plug-in kept causing Outlook not to load so I had to disable then remove it. What's going on? Why did it suddenly stop working and how do I get it back and working?

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Hi.  The email clipper changed operation in a recent update (EN Windows 5.8.x) - where it used to clip several emails into separate notes,  it will now only clip one at a time.  This was,  according to Evernote,  a design decision.  IMHO not a good one...

There seem to be other problems too,  which Evernote are looking at.

Meantime can we keep all comments in one of these threads please?



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The clipper is not working with Outlook 2010, WIndows 10 and Evernote 6.1.2  I also uninstalled and reinstalled Evernote.  


I tried doing the process from the forum and went to file from outlook, options , addins and Go . The Evernote for Outlook was blank. When I tried to click it and Add it is searching for and .exe file.


Where can I get the file?


Is there some other way to mix this?



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