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I use Facebook for managing the different classes I teach.  I set up a different Facebook Group for each class I teach and I post comments and files there for all the students in the class to view.  I would like to share class notes that I make in Evernote directly to the Facebook group for the specific class.  I have found that I can share easily to my Facebook profile but not specific group that I have set up for the class.  


My question is, can I share specific notes in Evernote with specific Facebook Groups?


Thank you



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I think that's a Facebook issue more than an Evernote one - I'm not even sure where Evernote gets your Facebook login from;  unless it just jumps to Facebook and your browser settings take it from there.  I just tried to share a note with Facebook and got straight to my main account as 'myself' (I've got a couple of group accounts so I can post under different hats).


On the general principle that Evernote doesn't allow multiple 'from' email addresses,  so probably isn't set up to deal with extra 'identities' in that way,  I'd say this is not possible from Evernote. 


I use Hootsuite - https://hootsuite.com - to help me post for my different groups in various media including Facebook.  It will allow you three profiles under it's free version - set up your various accounts and copy/ paste from Evernote (or automate the transfer with your scripting tool of choice) to be able to post to one or all of your connections.

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