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Sync errors with shared notes



My co-worker and I are annotating a bunch of Skitch screencaps and sharing them via Evernote. We did this simply by me sharing my Skitch notebook with him. We were able to sync both of our notebooks just fine at the beginning, however, once we started annotating the notes I get sync errors (see attachment) and our notes don't match anymore.


Is there a fix for this or are we just using this thing wrong?


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Were you using 'live' work chat on single notes,  or a shared notebook that you were both working on in your own time?  Live changes aren't in a specific notebook,  they're part of the ongoing conversation that you're having until you finish one document and move a snapshot of it to a notebook.


Syncing between notebooks takes a little time - imagine that you add a note > sync to server > sync to colleague,  then s/he changes that note > sync to server > sync back to you,  and you make more changes... and so on.  If you manually sync both before,  after and during each add or edit,  you should be fine.  But if you leave it to the different computers,  you might be editing something that your colleague already changed,  but the new version hasn't reached you yet.


You might need a bit of practice to get it fully right,  but keep on syncing manually and it should sort itself out.

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Thank you so much for your detailed reply. To clarify, we're sharing a notebook that we both work on in our own time. Based on your comment, we'll try being more disciplined about the manual syncing.

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