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Table functionality with new upgrade

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I use tables/templates extensively to organize my thoughts and meeting minutes in EN. Since I upgraded on 6/15 I can no longer paste a table from one note to another without messing up the formatting. Also I can no longer insert a table into another table (see example below). When I am in a cell in a table the 'insert table' menu choice is greyed out.


Tried creating new tables and then trying to cut and paste those with similar results. Instead of table within table, i get more rows at the bottom. Also tried some suggestions noted in the forums about using word to make the table and then pasting into EN. When I try to paste into EN nothing happens.


Any thoughts?



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Hi - You don't say which OS you're using,  and the best place to beef about an update is in the relevant thread. 






-If you're not either of those,  please give us your Evernote current version...

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The table copy from one note to another has quit working properly in the latest release of Mac and Windows Version.  Version 6.0.13 (451658 App Store)

Previous release I could copy table into a new note and all was good. This release I get a single Column Table, not good.



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