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RTL text direction feature updates?

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Hello all,


I was thinking "Why Evernote still doesn't support RTL text direction?". It's really a missing feature that is highly required by lots of users. I did some basic search and found that the subject has been opened years before... but still, nothing is really done about it. Since Evernote didn't include this basic feature into its application till this moment, I'd guess that it, RTL text direction, has some bad and large impact on other existing features.


I was just hoping, however, to know how things are going on this topic? Like, is it still considered? Or case close unsolved?





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Hi.  Evernote is pretty much a closed-off company - they don't (or at least so far haven't) comment(ed) very often on suggested new features,  or new releases.  A lot of potential improvements have been suggested over a long period (years) and only a few of those have seen the light of day.


The current CEO Phil Libin is often quoted making statements about new and wearable technology,  and the company does try very hard to stay current with the latest operating systems and new devices.  They also have a huge back-catalogue of bugs to fix,  all of which is probably keeping them pretty busy.


Realistically no-one knows whether or when a specific feature will make it into the app - though it seems common commercial sense to make sure that Evernote stays ahead of any other note-taking app (or whatever the shorthand for it is these days) by adding in these extra features as soon as they can.


Sorry to be so vague,  but Nobody Knows!

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