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Subcategories in Notebook Area

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I just started using Evernote and was told I could set up subcategories in the notebook section.  Say I wanted a notebook called 'Recipes' but then in this notebook I wanted to have Chicken, Dessert, Salad Notebooks where then numerous notes with their respective recipe type would be found. 


All I have found I can do in Notebooks is put a number of docs in one notebook but then not classify them together in a sub notebook.  HELP!!!!

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Evernote does not support sub-notebooks.


You can either use Stacks or Tags to further categorize your Notes.


With Stacks, you are limited to 3 Levels:

  1. Stack -- which can contain ONLY Notebooks
  2. Notebooks -- which can contain only Notes (no sub-notebooks)
  3. Notes -- which can contain only text, images, attachments. (no sub-notes)

So you could have:

  • Recipes (a Stack)
    • Chicken (a NB)
    • Dessert (a NB)
    • etc (as many NBs as you like, up to a limit of 250, including Stacks)

Many people find Tags more useful and flexible.


For more info, See The Benefit of Using Tags 



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