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Feature Request: Importing PDFs/Images by email





I use Penultimate and Evernote on a daily basis - both at work and in my personal life. I am convinced that together, these 2 products provide the best possible tool for organisation and efficiency.


I use these apps on my iPad at work to take meeting notes. Typically, these meetings are centered around a pdf or ppt attachment that has been emailed earlier. Currently, I do one of 2 things:


1. I forward the email to my Evernote email address and open the attachments for annotation on my iPad. This lets me write, draw and type on the attachments using the paid annotation feature.




2. I print the attachment and take photos of each page separately to import into a Penultimate notebook (I sometimes use Scannable for this). Then, I can write and draw over the attachment any way I like.


I prefer Option 2 because Penultimate allows me much greater flexibility and usability to freely make diagrams and write in a more responsive environment. However, the process of taking photos of each page is very cumbersome.


Can the development team please consider adding a feature in Penultimate that allows us to email files directly to the app such that a new note is created with each page of the attachment on one page of the notebook?


Alternately, can the annotation feature of Evernote be made as responsive to Stylus and as friendly as Penultimate?




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