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Issues with update ... can I go back to old version?

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Ever since I updated to the latest version of Evernote I have two, kind of three, issues that I'm aware of.


1 - When I copy and paste text into a note with a different font, I have to go through extra steps now to change it to my default font. When I "Select All", my default font (Atlanta) appears, as it should. Previously, when I would click on Atlanta, my text would then all switch to Atlanta. Now nothing happens. I have to select a random other font, and then go back and select Atlanta to make this work. It is the same for "font size". While my default font size, 14, appears, I have to select a different size and then reselect "14" for it to actually work. This is tedious and annoying!


2 - When I highlight a paragraph and italicize it, the first sentence does not italicize. I have to then select just that sentence and italicize it separately.


I'm hoping these quirks will get fixed and a new update will be available soon. In the meantime, is there a way to go back to the previous version of Evernote? There's nothing about the new version that I'm aware of that is beneficial to me. Other than the annoyances, and a color change (I prefer the old), I'd really rather just use the old version.



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I had a similar experience to the OP's with the newest version (6.0.13).

In my case, my problem was that when I copy and paste a table from Google Sheets, Evernote used to display it beautifully preserving the layout (up until 6.0.11), but the new version started to break it.

Certainly it looks like they messed up something with formatting when pasting some content.


For me, going back from 6.0.13 to 6.0.11 wasn't as complicated as what JMichael suggests above.

If you are a Mac user and have a time machine set up you just need to recover the following three files:


/Users/<your system username>/Library/Application Support/com.evernote.Evernote/accounts/version

/Users/<your system username>/Library/Application Support/com.evernote.Evernote/accounts/www.evernote.com/<some number linked to your account>/version


When I first recovered only the first file (app file), it showed the error message that the Evernote system is managed by later version, or something like that, and the app just shut down.

When I recovered those two version files, now my Evernote is back to the nice and smooth 6.0.11.



In case you don't have time machine set up,

you can still do it w/o having to completely remove and reinstall Evernote.

First, find the old version (6.0.11) and install it separately from your current version; then replace the newer version app file with the 6.0.11 Evernote.app file (could be Evernote 2.app since you installed it separately, leaving the original intact) ==> This is equivalent to recovering the app file as above.
Then edit the two version files (after creating a backup) as below:
If you open the version files in a text editor, the version files under 6.0.13 would say "451655"; just change it to "451580" (for 6.0.11).
Hope this is helpful to anyone who got frustrated by the most recent version.
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