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Export Outlook Calendar to Evernote

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Hi.  As I'm sure you already know,  it's possible to export individual entries with one click via the Outlook clipper.  That changed recently for emails - it was possible to select multiple emails to convert to notes,  but that's now a one-at-a-time process too.  I don't know if the same restriction was applied to the Calendar clipper,  and that it used to be possible to clip more than one entry - if so,  you may see that functionality coming back.  Failing that though,  there are strictly limited options to export calendars - ICS or VCS files are the only options,  and I have no feel for whether it might be possible to convert those formats into something that might allow you to re-import the contents into Evernote.


Zapier.com will (they say) import calendar items into Evernote - I'd suggest it's a question of searching around for possible solutions.

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