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Picture (.jpg), Fonts for Notebook page



I can create a notebook and create notes and pictures within the note. What I am trying to do is when I do a create "+ New Notebook" I can enter Text but I also would like to drag a picture to this first screen. What appears is just the .jpg filename. I also went into Evernote "Fonts" and can select the font but it does not appear to affect the text I am typing. 

Thanks Dave

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What versions of EN Mac and Mac OS are you running?


Although selecting a font/size, and then typing should (but sometimes does not) work, I have found it works best to select the text, than apply font/size.

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EN 6.0.13 Mac 10.10.3.


Thanks for the suggestion on highlight then change font. I just tried it does not seem to make any difference. Also tried "colors" same issue. In the notebook on "new text" I can select different fonts and type the new choice, however when 

i highlight the existing text it too does not change. Any thoughts on getting a picture or image on the new notebook? When I create a new notebook all I get is Dave's Notebook which I can change the text but not the font or color.

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This is very strange behavior that I have not seen previously reported, but I'm not sure I understand exactly what you are saying.

Setting/changing the font/color generally works well for me in EN Mac 6.0.11 on one Mac, and 6.0.13 on another, both running Mavericks (10.9.5).


Without know more, here are some suggestions:

  1. Signout of EN Mac, restart your Mac, and sign back in to EN Mac
  2. Make sure you are editing a Note in one of YOUR Notebooks, not a shared NB that you have joined.
  3. Sometimes I have trouble editing a Note created from an EN Web clip due to the HTML of the original web page.  In those cases, I usually apply "Simplify Formatting" to the entire Note.
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