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Any chance of a Diary in Evernote?

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I'm sure this has been suggested in the past, because it's so practical - a diary accessible from phone or PC.  But to my mind this would make Evernote practically perfect!


Taking it even further, Lotus Organiser has ruled my life for 22 years, and I'll be losing it shortly, when my next  PC machine will fail to run it.  So, Diary, contacts (notes already taken care of!)  and anniversaries would be wonderful!


Regards, and with hope,


John B

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You might look at the DayEntry app. It will record a time-stamped journal, one entry at at a time, one page per day in the EN notebook of your choice. Has photos, check boxes & lists. Can assign tags. I use it as a diary/daily activity log. Could also be a call-log, help desk log, etc.

Can be set up as one notation per note card or serial timestamped notations on one note card per day.

On iOS I haven't got Siri to dictate directly to DayEntry yet, but if you open DE & hit the voice memo button you can record while driving, etc.

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If DayEntry is anything like the quality of one of "Gosubit's" other apps, SnapEntry, I have no doubt that the app experience would be a quality one. Unfortunately they don't have a free version to test it out. If I hadn't settled on a Journaling platform yet, I'd buy DayEntry in a heartbeat. 


One other option for both Mac and iOS is vJournal, which does pretty much what DayEntry says on the can... although I have a feeling it will be a tad bit more aesthetic on DayEntry's side (within their app). Having said that, I'd used vJournal with much satisfaction before I jumped ship and went with WorkFlowy.


I now use WorkFlowy for Journaling. For me, journaling entails both practical as well as the more existential elements... and it's rather cool to have my journal entries right there together with my tasks, writing, workflow, outlines, etc. Even though the journal outline needs to be a day-by-day manual setup (approximately 2 seconds per day  :P), one can't beat WorkFlowy's simple tagging system, and the fact that it's all part of an outliner. Each thought can be distilled into one bullet/ item. One can tag items of inspiration and create a tag menu... and when one filters for all instances of a particular tag, you won't get all instances of a keyword, but rather a condensed view of all instances of a keyword that one has tagged... and with the tap of a tag, you get to relive the most essential aspects of your journaling - for inspiration, encouragement, direction, bookwriting stats, etc. 


Some examples from my journaling tag menu: 





When I hit the #focus tag, I get a condensed view of all instances tagged with such:





The reason I'm posting on an outliner here is that, even though I'm a power Evernote user, there are a couple of apps out there that do things Evernote can't. Even as awesome as it is and as indispensable as it is to me, we can't force one app to do everything. I believe many people are giving Evernote a good run for its money in the Journaling department - and are quite happy with the results. I'm just the type that doesn't much care to sift through all of the cr@p I write. I much prefer to whittle things down to the rare moments I had anything coherent or rational to write  :P

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Chances of Evernote doing a diary seem pretty remote - they don't want to be 'just another' standard service, the intention (it seems) is to find new and better ways to do things.  Plus there are a lot of plug-in services available - https://appcenter.evernote.com/  - which is how Evernote gets bent into different and more specialist uses.

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What are you looking for in a Diary?

I use a IFTTT script to create a daily note at 6am.  

It populates the note with some information, weather, sunrise/set and leaves me with a note each day which I add my own writing. 

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Thanks for your replies, guys.  I've downloaded DayEntry, full of expectation, but am rather disappointed, as I'm struggling to see how to make it work.  I don't understand all the symbols used.  I tried writing an entry, and it vanished into the ether, and failed to appear in Evernote.   As I'm almost completely non-technical where computers are concerned, I had hoped it would work for me.  I'll try again, but with little hope of anything happening.   I never had these problems with Lotus Organiser, it did what I wanted it to, for 22 years.   Call me simplistic, but I fail to see why someone can't write a similar programme that works in modern Windows versions, and on the Cloud.  Surely it would be a winner!

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You do have to set DayEntry up, using the gear icon, connecting it to your EN account and telling it whether you want to have:

  • one entry per note, or
  • one note per day.  


And if one note per day, if additional entries are added to the

  • top of the list or the
  • bottom of the list.  

Also select default notebooks and tags (or create custom tags).  

Each entry will disappear from DayEntry as you make it, but if you've set up properly it will be added to that day's page in EN.  

The rest of the icons are to add or take pix, checkboxes, lists, etc.  It's pretty straight forward when you get it going.  

RE: Try before you buy.  I've bought some deadend apps from the apple store.  I've always gotten a refund or credit when I asked. Of course, they check to see if you've deleted the app.  

I'm happy with the app.  Particularly because it can be set to Time-Date Stamp each entry, it serves as a day tracker to demonstrate how your day's gone to supervisors, etc.  As well as a call log.  

So it can do double duty as a journal, putting my thoughts and such in one EN notebook.  And a work tracker when I'm on the job, putting those notes in a different notebook.  I find it useful to document response time, as well as the condition of equipment, etc. with pix, on my arrival.  Somehow, customers forget what their equipment looked like before the bill.  And they always think it shouldn't take 45 minutes to clean out 15 years of debris and neglect before you start the repair.  So a before and after pix is useful and flows in-line with my day's notes.  


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