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Evernote, Fantastical and Things


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These are my favourite apps. I'm still working my way through fine tuning a workflow in my business to include the three, however..


Evernote..for keeping stuff

Fantastical...for appointments, meetings etc.

Cultured Code Things..for reminders, day to day and project planning.


Reminders in Evernote and the Apple app Reminders are not that great.


Anyone else using all three or have any thoughts to share?



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I use Evernote for keeping my "ambitions" which can be either "my roles", "responsibilities", "goals" or "ideas". Goals can graduate to ideas. Ideas can graduate to "action items" when they become actionable either "now" or "soon" and they can be "project related" or "independent".


So it starts with "GOAL" notebook, I attach tags to it, and when things graduate, it has a tag "Calendar". 


Thats's workflow of things I have in Evernote.


When the action items graduate, they can either become "appointment or meeting" in calendar or a "task (=to-do)" in calendar. 


Previously I would have to manually add the stuff to Calendar and create a sharing link to original Evernote note which is still in Goal notebook. I used various tools in the past to sync Evernote with Calendars, so I used variety of other tags or since Evernote has reminders I set the Reminder in Evernote. It worked but I wasn't completely satisfied as it was just more work to do and Evernote had to be installed and it wasn't really integrated with calendar.


Until I discovered https://evernote.cronofy.com/


Now basically instead of adding the tags "Calendar or To-do" I simply add the Reminder in Evernote note and it syncs with calendar.


It works. It's not bells and whistles but it just works fine.


The good thing is I can add meeting attendee to my calendar appointment and other people can access the shared note.


After I done the work, I think I still need to delete the reminder either by deleting it in Evernote or by deleting the calendar entry. Otherwise it will continue to show in Evernote as overdue, because it is treated as Calendar appointment and not as To-do. Actually I would like flexibility with Cronofy if I could select whether the specific reminder in Evernote will be synced as To-Do or Appointment in Calendar (maybe can be achieved using tags as I previously used in Evernote "Calendar" and "To-Do".

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Things and Fantastical are a good combo for me too. I use Things for initial task entry because it is so fast to create new items. And I found I can drag an item into Fantastical 2, if I want to assign it to a date. It's faster than creating something originally in Fantastical, and lets me use Things for classifying tasks as to where they can be done and area of responsibility or project. So I get a time-based look in F and differently organized views in T.

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