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Evernote is "disconnected" from my notes

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I'm using Evernote for Mac (Version 6.0.13).  Major problem: my Mac app cannot see my notes.


I updated Evernote, and after the update the Mac App shows no folders. They are all gone. My android app, same login and password, shows all my stuff is still there. When I log in thru Evernote Web in Safari, all my notebooks and notes are there, on the website. The mac app is not seeing the notes. The Mac app, same login and password, is empty. What do i do? It's as if it can't find my data files. 

In my user library folder, there is a folder named Core Data, and beneath that is a folder named com.evernote. Evernote. In THAT folder, there are two folders (long alpha-numeric names). One of them is empty; the other contains a folder named ENNote, and in that folder is a folder named _records that seems to contain all my notes. But the app isn't finding them. 

Please help.



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I had to a complete uninstall.  I used AppCleaner to get everything.  Then I did a fresh install using the version that was not from the App Store.  After the reinstall everything was fine.


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