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Feature Request: Bookmarking in Audio Recordings

Product Guy


As a 6 year premium subscriber and "fanboy" of Evernote, I'd like Evernote to automatically bookmark when I type in a note while doing an audio recording so that I can:


- focus on being engaged in my meetings (as opposed to focusing on capturing notes)

- avoid taking excessive notes

- make brief notes at key points in the meeting that I might like to refer to later (i.e - bookmarks)

- reference bookmarks later and replay audio content from that portion of the meeting (without having to listen to the entire audio recording to locate the relevant section)


This capability is available in several specialty note-taking products, such as Notability and AudioNote.  It's also available in Microsoft's OneNote.  And is the key benefit of pen technology like Livescribe.


I've tried: 

- Manually entering timestamps into my meeting notes as bookmarks

- Recording audio and taking notes in specialty note-taking products and attaching their files in Evernote


- Using MS OneNote for meeting notes when I want to do audio recording and bookmarking (and maintaining my other vast library of notes and materials in Evernote)


Frankly, the experiences of these work-arounds are all horrible.  I want a single note-taking platform that includes this capability.  However, I get sufficient value out of recording and bookmarking meeting notes that I can't let this go.  


Can you please consider adding audio bookmarking to Evernote?  


Otherwise, I might need to consider migrating to another solution as my single note-taking platform.






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I have found a lot of limitations in the EN Audio Note.  I like and use  AudioNote, that you mentioned.

You can easily save the AudioNotes to Dropbox to share with the Mac AudioNote app, or other iPhone/iPads.

You can also easily attach it to an EN Note.


Best of both worlds, IMO.

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+1, 8 million times.  This is a key feature of audio recording.  If Evernote puts this in, people won't even be able to understand how they didn't have it before!

I also am a Livescribe user, which is mentioned above.  If Evernote can put in recording with context (just as Circus Ponies Notebook and many others have), perhaps Livescribe can have tighter integration.

Check out this link here for examples of of the applications I mentioned: http://www.esquiremac.com/blarg/2009/2/15/practice-tip-record-audio-while-taking-notes.html

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Check this out.  Here's what Evernote should do:

Livescribe basically works this way on paper and in its own app.  If Evernote did this directly, I might not have gotten the Livescribe 3.  The best thing would be direct integration of a function like this in Evernote w/ or w/o Livescribe in the picture.

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2 hours ago, schalliol said:

Check this out.  Here's what Evernote should do: <Circus Ponies>

Circus Ponies is discontinued but Notability (Apple App) has a similar feature; synchronized audio recording with typing.
This is my choice for serious note taking.

I looked into Livescribe but was turned off by the need for extra hardware (pen and special paper).  I just want to use my iPad and stylus for taking notes.

I don't have a problem with using an external dedicated app for an extended feature set


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I hear you, and yes, I moved to Evernote with the shut down of Circus Ponies.  Evernote is sooooo close.  It just has to integrate this concept and you can avoid the Notability, and if it includes this, then the Livescribe integration could be made complete as well!  Keep those up-votes coming on this feature!

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This feature is HUGE! As a matter of fact, I needed to switch to Onenote due to this very reason, and the poor audio quality when recording from a Mac. 

Evernote team, if you can get this going, please email me, as I'd rather pay for Evernote if it has these features than use Onenote for free-- but I can't do it without these features. 

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On 2017-12-15 at 5:56 AM, MarcL said:

Because this is still not available

For sure, Evernote is not the universal, do everything, editor.

Evernote provides an editor that's adequate for basic notes, and allows for the attachment of files of any format.

If you have a requirement beyond the basic editor, you are free to use any editor of your choice.

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DTLow, this is a feature request.  One of the critical important functions of Evernote is to record audio while you take notes.  The existing application is the only great option to play the internally generated recordings.  If you have another way to take notes in evernote and sync recordings with it, I'd love to see it

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52 minutes ago, schalliol said:

If you have another way to take notes in evernote and sync recordings with it, I'd love to see it

 I use the Notability app on my iPad and the share menu to file the notes/recording in Evernote

I don't find the Evernote editor the best tool for these functions

>>this is a feature request

Yes, it is a feature request; users can indicate their support using the voting buttons in the top left corner of the discussion

My thinking is that it's a niche feature; not part of Evernote's core and better achieved using an external editor


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