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(Archived) Convert memberhip to annual - how?

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"Log on to the web account, go to your Settings page, and hit the "Cancel" link there. You will continue to be Premium for the remainder of the month that you've already paid, but then you will revert to Free at the end of your month. Then, you can upgrade to an annual subscription. (We'll send you an email when your Premium subscription ends as a polite reminder...)"

There is no "cancel" button on my Settings page as far as I can tell.

Assuming that someday I find the Cancel button, the above text confuses me. Does this mean that I need to fall back to Free and then convert to Premium; and that during the Free-to-Premium conversion I can opt for Annual? If this is what it means then can I do the following?

1. Stop hunting for the Cancel button

2. Do nothing on Jan 30, 2010, my current expiration date

3. On Feb 1, I will have a Free account

4. On Feb 1, I can upgrade from Free to Premium, during the upgrade process, I can opt for annual.

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After waiting for a reply, I went to a restaurant that happened to have wifi access. On the handheld, I found that took just a few obvious clicks to accomplish this simple task. Anyone reading this thread should disregard the previous (Rube Goldberg) advice given.

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