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viewing images on mobile

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In the Web version of evernote, sometimes I copy & paste an image into a text note (MacBook pro, firefox, all latest versions). I can see the image fine in the Web version of the note. But whenever I try to view the same note on mobile (android latest version), I can't ever get the image to load. Is there a way around this?

Ps, I'm using the free version of evernote.


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Hi.  I assume you have synced the note and can see the content apart from the image.


How big is the image,  are you connected to the network,  do you have a good signal and do you allow some time for the image to load?  If you're wanting to see a 1 meg image forinstance,  you might have to wait for a while before it downloads and is available.


Try adding some of these notes to an 'offline searchable' notebook and see if that makes a difference to your experience.

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Thanks.  Yes, everything synched, all other content visible, image is 443KB, T3 internet line at work - download time is not the issue.  And offline viewing is also not the issue - any image that I cut & pasted into a note is never viewable on mobile, even when connected to the T3 line.  (PS: offline searchable notebooks are not available in the free evernote version.)  It is what it is, I guess.  Thanks though for taking the time to respond.

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