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Feature Request: Add annotations to web clippings and articles

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I'm a relatively new user to Evernote and am very much enjoying it's functionality - especially the ability to share notebooks with others. 


I'd very much like to see a feature that allows me to annotate (maybe in boxes etc) web clippings / articles. I think it would make Evernote even better and would certainly make my job of collecting news reports and linking them to each other easier and more intuitive for others to follow.


Many thanks,


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You might also have a look at note links - it would be possible forinstance to have one note with your comments on a news item,  plus a link to the original in a separate note.  It's also possible to take a screenshot and annotate that picture with text and graphics.  Workarounds are always useful...

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If you're on Mac, what you might want to do is tag specific web clippings with a PDF tag at the time of clipping... and when you're on the desktop client you could filter for the PDF tags and then hit the "Annotate entire note as PDF" button. That way you'll be able to annotate the content of entire notes clipped from the web. Alternatively, on Windows there are browser extensions that allow one to convert web pages to PDF. From there you simply pop those into Evernote and annotate them. 


If screenshots suffice, @Gazumped's advice is the most convenient. 

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