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(Archived) Defaulting search to All Notebooks?



When I use the search box to hunt for something in Evernote (Mac client), it searches whatever notebook I'm currently in. To me this feels wrong, not to mention annoying -- I'd prefer it to always search all notebooks instead, so I can just find what I need without an extra step.

Is there a way to make the search location default to all notebooks? If not, I'd appreciate it if the Evernote folks considered implementing it.


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Try the global "Find in Evernote" hotkey from under the elephant icon in the menu bar: Ctrl+Cmd+F

This brings up Evernote, clears the current search filter, selects All Notebooks, and puts the cursor in the search box. This is probably my favorite Evernote trick.

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Shift-Windows-F on Windows XP?

It has no effect unless I'm in EN. When I'm in EN it just selects the first note in the current notebook. None of the other listed actions occur.

Is there a setting somewhere?



Yes, you have to be in EN. What it does for me (on XP and Also on Windows 7) is to come out of whatever notebook I'm in, removes any tag searches and/or other search clues and takes me to the all notes view, ready to start a new search.

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Actually, I think there might be a bug.

If EN is open but minimized to the taskbar, nothing happens. If EN is open and only showing as an icon in the system tray (near the clock) then EN is opened and the previous search is cleared.

I would expect that to have happened when it was minimized to the taskbar, too.

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Thanks for the shortcut. But when I'm in the program itself, I still say it's easier to have the default behavior search ALL notebooks.

If you want to narrow the search, just do what other apps and sites do and make it so that when you click the magnifying glass you see a list of notebooks. Or have a link to Advanced Search.

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