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Right-to-left under Windows

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I really want to love Evernote!

But Right-to-left text in the Windows pr
ogram is simply HORRIBLE:

The cursor never follows what you write.

Any need to edit the text is a
NIGHTMARE - again due to no option of placing the cursor inside the text accurately - it never is actually where it shows to be!

Mixture of Latin letters with the Hebrew\Arabic text is simply
NOT POSSIBLE as the text orientation all goes crazy!

I've been complaining of these issues for a couple of years already & if you search the web you'll see I'm really(!!!) not alone!
Come on Evernote - get a grip & fix this once & for all!

BTW - just to be fair - both Android, IOS & even Windows Evernote apps have this worked out but non of them provide the convenience of writing with a keyboard longer texts.
Please fix it Evernote. 

Pleeeeeaaaasssseee! :(


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