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Tick Biox Note Totals

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In this request I am not using the correct (Evernote) terms for concepts, I will try to describe them instead.


I was using another product (can't remember ts name), they withdrew it and provided facilities to copy all notes to Evernote.  Evernote works very well for me.  I use it for keeping all sorts of notes.  I want to discuss in particular, Supermarket notes.  I have split Supermarket into various 'Click Box' notes with each note being a category. It is becoming hard to manage as supermarkets have a huge range of products and consequently I have a huge range of categories (one note per category).


One feature the old product had that I miss in Evernote is:  in the list of 'Click Box' notes, they had a total of clicked items inside each note.  It would be handy to have such a total so I can quickly go down the list of note headers to see if I have ticked them all off.  Having totals of 'clicked and un-clicked notes would be useful.


See the attachment for a suggestion.


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