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How can i avoid that data are stored locally?

Michael Singer



sorry for that newbie question, but i still haven't found an answer...
I'm a premium user just recently. As hard disk space is limited on a MacBook, i wonder, while my notes with all their attachments are growing each day, what will happen, if i have not enough space on my hard drive? Could notes be stored only online, and NOT locally?

Examining /.../Containers/com.evernote.Evernote/Data shows that each note i take, each attachment is also stored locally. Even if i use exactly the same file for two notes, it will get stored twice on my MacBook's hard drive!


I would prefer if just links to the data on evernote servers would be stored on my MacBook, not the data themselves.

Thank you,

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How can i avoid that data are stored locally?


The short answer is:  You can't.


Evernote does NOT offer online only, or selective sync, for its desktop clients, EN Mac and EN Win.

If you want online only storage, then you will have to use ONLY the EN Web client, at Evernote.com, and NOT install EN Mac.


If you want to mitigate the local storage of files, you could use DropBox (and not sync selected folders to your Mac), and put a link to the file in DropBox in an EN Note.


Of course, you could always upsize the hard drive on your MacBook (depending on the model).  Very large hard drives are very inexpensive these days.


FWIW, I have about 13K Notes, with quite a few PDFs and other files, and it requires only about 8.5GB on my MBP-15R.


Good luck.

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Thank you for your quick and informative response!


So, as selective sync in not part of the concept of EN, it's a good idea to create links to larger files, stored in Dropbox, instead of including them into notes. This way, realistically, even a huge number of notes won't take hundreds of gigabytes.

Thanks again,

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