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Has something changed that affects copying and pasting tables?



I am using a mac.


I used to be able to cut tables out of excel spreadsheets and other data sources, then paste them into evernote.  They looked fine.  Sometimes the columns would narrow but I could live with that.  They stayed in alignment and looked like a proper table.


For the past few days each time I paste, the rows and columns are all unaligned (columns are various sizes for each row).  Tables end up looking like a staircase! not square or rectangle.


Why is this happening?  Is it something to do with the update that was recently done?  I tried to find a way to 'paste special' but there doesn't seem to be that option in Evernote.


Can anyone help.  

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Evernote has acknowledged the paste table bug, and is preparing a fix:



Evernote is not anti-MS Office.  Microsoft Office is used by over 120M people around the world and is a critical productivity tool for a large majority of the world.  I personally worked on MS Office for over a decade of my life.  


The bottom line is we shouldn't have missed the copy and paste table issue and other recent note editor regressions.  We've taken a hard look at our processes and I think we've got a plan in place that will greatly improve the quality in this area.  Today we plan on shipping 6.0.14 Beta that will include fixes for both the copy and paste table issue and encryption fixes.   We're going through our final test passes both automated and manual testing and as long as we don't find any issues we'll release the beta today.  Stay tuned.  I'll post an update once we release.

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