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[bug?] Carriage return added to check boxes after sync/save



When creating a bulleted list with checkmarks added, like so:

  • List item 1
    • [ ] Indented list item with a "to-do" checkmark box
  • List Item 2


Sometimes after a save/sync (or perhaps after I've modified the list on my Android device and then re-opened it on my Mac), the list will have carriage returns added so that the checkmarks are on new lines and no longer indented with bullet points, like so:


  • List item 1

[ ] Unindented line with a "to-do" checkmark box

  • List item 2


I don't know if this is a mac-specific issue or not, as I have noticed it when opening a note on my Android device as well, and I haven't been able to pin down exactly under what circumstances it happens, but every so often my lists will have their formatting deformed in this way. I have attached an example screenshot of what happens.













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