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Strange table, column is auto added

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 effect such as the attached figure.

no merge, no delete.


It's like ZOMBIE.


The only solution is to create a new table.


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I've seen this before.  It appears to happen randomly and not always.  My only recourse has been to check the table after the insert and if messed up, Ctrl-Z, click on another note, then back to the original note, and do the insert again.  This works most of the time.  Weird on a good day.

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Evernote has always had table problems. The solution: use another app to create a table then copy/paste to Evernote.

Example: create a table in Word then copy/paste.


Unfortunately, even this workaround is broke in the latest EN Mac release, Ver 6.0.13.

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Evernote seems to be having table formatting issues on the latest versions of both EN Mac and EN Win.

Hopefully they will get this fixed very soon.


ah.. I see why that appeared. thank you.

Always try to write temp note and after merge same OS.

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