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It's a workaround... and my wifi isn't currently working correctly so I can't definately test this out BUT there is an app that's meant to be able to print Evernote notes:


There's a free version too...


I'll keep you up to date on whether this works out for me.


Evernote REALLY should have a print button - it's ludicrous it doesn't.

I'm a BIG fan of Evernote and becoming a bigger fan BUT this is really not cool not being able to print from Android.

As one of the other posts said - I shouldn't have to go onto a forum to figure out how to simply print a note!

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I wish there was a different way to print, like with the desktop, you have the title and tags and such. However, I have an HP that I have setup to print emails that are sent to the HP address. I email the static note and it prints it out. Just the contents of the note print.

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On 23/11/2017 at 1:34 AM, Jvv said:

Evernote. What the *****. No printing from mobile??  

Not in Evernote,  no.  A mobile printing option is not standard in many apps.

My printer has an online service I can 'share' printing with and there are other ways around that.

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When it has to be exchanged on the fly, I've had success with emailing the note from the Evernote menu making printing their responsibility,  printing from screenshots, or copy and paste into a google doc and print from there. 

I'm not saying it's good for Evernote to decline to devote resources to remaining compatible with paper pushers, but I am on board with the less-paper vision.   The need to print rarely comes up for me except in encounters with people who live totally on paper.   It's rare for me to actually want to print for myself.  


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