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recording audio

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   I'm using W8.1 or Chrome OS (on a chromebook) with Evernote WEB in Google Chrome browser.


   I have read how to record audio to a note in the Knowledge Base, but, vitally it says "Click RECORD" 


  Where exactly is "RECORD" on a screen?   I have seen a microphone icon on some old pages of tips but cannot see it on mine.  I cannot see it in the drop-down bullet list (i.e.along with to-do list, tables etc) either, nor down the LH column under the elephant head.



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You can only record audio on the mobile and desktop clients (which need to be downloaded). You cannot record an audio clip on the Web client (in any browser). You can, however, record on the desktop/ mobile clients, sync to Evernote servers, and you will be able to play it back on the web client. 


Neither the old nor the beta web clients record audio.

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Thanks Mr. Frank.dg   Call me SIR and bow from the ankles!


 I was misled by this   "Evernote Tip 1 of 5: Create Your First Note"
which is a Tip  received from Evernote.
I'm not the only one to be fooled. If you scroll down on the link above, someone else has asked "where's the mic".     Could the Tip be edited to avoid confusion by others please?
I did get the desktop client recently, prompted by a message at the top of my Web Client. I thought it was an update. When I saw it I thought "what the heck is this", got confused and deleted it to get back to the familiar old Web client which so far has been fine and very useful.  Now that I understand they are different I will check and see if I need both.
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I have a feeling you're going to need the desktop client. And then, of course, the web client is always there when you need it.


The link you gave was to a blog post from 2012. Generally people leave blog posts be... However, if we were talking about the knowledge base, that should be a lot more up to date. I would recommend following the Evernote blog via email subscription - for tips and tricks, etc... and then when you are actively looking for solutions, your best recourse would be either the forums here... or the knowledge base, which will not have outdated info from 2012 - although, I must say, the core ideas of all past blog posts still apply, even if UI's change and features evolve. 


Evernote knowledge base: https://evernote.com/contact/support/kb/#!/product/evernote

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