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Start new note - cursor to title first?


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Just started using evernote and immediately in love. ...how did this take me so long??



When I type <control> + N for a new note, I would prefer to start by titling the note. Yet the cursor goes right into the body of the note. So I have to reach for my mouse and click on the title. If I'm creating lots of notes very quickly, this can actually slow me down.


Is there an option where I can control this somehow?




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Evernote changed the title entry process a couple years ago. 


If you type the title into the note area at the top, then continue to add your text underneath, you will see the title automatically appear in the title area.


As I pointed out when the change was made, this effectively creates two titles.

As I pointed out when the change was made, this effectively creates two titles.


It bugged me, but I've learned to live with it.

It bugged me, but I've learned to live with it.


Other people are not bothered by it.

Other people are not bothered by it.

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@jbenson2, What's wrong with me. I actually read each line twice  :P




One way to get around this is to set up your own keyboard shortcut via PhraseExpress (Windows). You can set up a shortcut that includes Ctrl+N and F2 (which opens a new note and moves the cursor to the note title.) 


You  could set this up to override the native Ctrl+N shortcut in Evernote and make sure to have PhraseExpress execute this shortcut only in Evernote ("Execute only in specific program" checkbox) so it doesn't mess with your default browser's shortcuts, etc.




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As you're using Windows there are also some Registry tweaks that you might look at,  including changing the delays on type-ahead search,  and starting the cursor off in the right field -


ENRegEd  is an application developed by experienced Evernote user @spg SCOTT to change some options that don't (yet) have a menu tickbox.  It hasn't been updated recently,  where Evernote has (a lot) so some of these settings may no longer work - use with caution...


Download the latest version (August 2014) here -


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I can vouch for the ENRedEd utility. I've tweaked a number of things, including "Set New Note Focus to Title" (third option below).


This utility allows one a much quicker access to the registry file instead of having to hunt them down.  



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