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How can I change the default font in the Title from Helvetica to something else?

Suzy B


Hi all, I have been able to change the font within my notes to a different font (say Times New Roman) , but for some reason I am unable to change the title of the note font (where it says "Untitled" when you create a new note) to the same font.  It appears to default to Helvetica and I would like both the title of the note and the font within the note to be the same (say Times New Roman).


Any suggestions?  Thank you.


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Unfortunately, Evernote does NOT give us any control over the formatting of the Note Title.


So, what I have done is to replicate the Title as the first line of the Note.

I have a Keyboard Maestro (KM) marco which does this and formats it as I like.


This also help when viewing in the EN mobile apps, where often the Title field is cut off.

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