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(Archived) EN 3.0 Beta and EN 2.2 Run Side-by-Side, 2.2 DBs Left Intact

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The EverNote 3.0 Beta code installs into its own directory and leaves your EN 2.2 program files and databases intact.

When you import an EN 2.2 database into an EN 3.0 Beta notebook (the new term for what we used to call databases in EN 2.2), the EN 2.2 database is left intact and fully usable by EN 2.2. EN 3.0 Beta makes its own copy of the imported EN 2.2 database.

The import is one-way, that is, you can only import an EN 2.2 database into an EN 3.0 Beta notebook; there is not currently a way to export a notebook from EN 3.0 Beta and get it back into EN 2.2. Also, you can't drag-and-drop a note from an EN 3.0 notebook into an EN 2.2 database (I tried, no joy).

Because the import into EN 3.0 Beta is non-destructive, you can import an EN 2.2 database into EN 3.0 Beta and play with it in EN 3.0 Beta while you continue to use the EN 2.2 copy for "real" work. Later, you can delete the EN 3.0 Beta notebook and repeat the import from the working EN 2.2 database into an EN 3.0 notebook (losing any changes you made on the EN 3.0 side).

Installing EN 3.0 Beta and importing EN 2.2 databases into EN 3.0 notebooks does not burn any bridges behind you. (I post this to calm the fears of people who had earlier EN beta code convert their databases in-place to the newer database format, effectively burning their retreat path unless they had carefully backed up first). EN 3.0 Beta is entirely tester-friendly, your EN 2.2 installation and databases remain fully intact and usable even after you install EN 3.0 Beta and import any or all of your EN 2.2 databases into EN 3.0 Beta. Thank you, EN 3.0 Beta Development Team!

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