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Web Beta Keyboard Shortcuts

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Does anyone have a comprehensive list of the keyboard shortcuts for Web Beta? I can report that ctrl+b, ctrl+i, and ctrl+u work as expected. ctrl+1 starts a new line. Keyboard shortcuts for bulleted/numbered lists would be greatly useful.


Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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I'm also wondering what the shortcuts are and how they can be altered and/or disabled. I like to CMD+1 / CMD+2 to toggle to other tabs open, but it seems to change the text style when I'm in a note (which is really frustrating!).

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Ditto.  I use lists every day in almost every note.  I primarily use GNU/Linux workstations so I'm limited to the Evernote Web client when I'm not using a mobile device.  More (documented) keyboard shortcuts for Evernote Web Beta please!


> Keyboard shortcuts for bulleted/numbered lists would be greatly useful

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