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24 hour format



Look, I understand that nobody in the USA can handle a time that goes past 12:00, but the rest of the world uses that as the default. When will the good people at Evernote at least give us the option of using 24-hour format?


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Morticia, I'd love to know how you do it. I have tried all kind of settings, but when I try to set an alarm/reminder on android, I only get the AM/PM time format, both in the Android app and in the web edition. The Windows desktop app has it. I dont understand it.

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It's how it have been in my phone and tablet since beginning

In the phone/tablet the only way to change it was in the units setting. 12/24 hour

In Evernotei can't find any settings for time at all

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Please fix this, Evernote! Some Americans prefer 24-hour.


Just logged into EN Web on Windows, tried setting a reminder to 18:00 and it kept reverting to 06:00. Finally realized I needed to click the PM. Arghy-blarghy.


FWIW, on my Sony Xperia with Android 5.x Lollipop, the 24-hour reminder time is available there for me. And I must say that the new dial interface for dates and times is awesome, especially time. So much faster!

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