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Sync Google Calendar Appointment Note with Evernote?


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Wondering if there Is a way to sync information in note field in a Google calendar appointment so they would also show up in my Evernote account?  Or - is there a way to attached an Evernote note to a Google Calendar appointment (similar to how you can attach a GDrive file to a Google Calendar appointment?



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Hi.  AFAIK the only way to link a GCal appointment to Evernote is to include the URL of the note in the appointment details.  Right-click the note and Copy Note Link.  IFTTT scripts may be available for your OS to copy an appointment to a note.

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What I am looking for is a way to create and/or access an existing Evernote note and attach or link the note as I create an appointment or event in Google Calendar. Would prefer not to have to start the process with Evernote, but rather Google calendar.  

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I searched Google and there are in total 35 entries for Evernote Calendar on iOS app. Check them because I looked at them in the past and if I remember correctly there was at least one where I could actually select the existing notebook in Evernote when I was creating the appointment in that app. There was also option to have the application create a new note in Evernote if none was existing.

Here is custom search:





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